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Starting Reception 2024 - Deadline for applying is Monday 15th January 2024

Starting Reception 2024

You must apply to the local authority who empties your bins. If this is Leeds, go to The LA website is a composite prospectus for all Leeds schools and includes information about:   

  • the steps you need to go through to make an application
  • the key dates
  • a search tool to see if your home address gives any higher priority for admission to any school(s)
  • an explanation about how places are offered if there are more applications than spaces (oversubscribed)
  • the online application portal - apply online and you’ll be sent your offer by email
  • a summary of each school’s individual admission policy criteria
  • data about who got a place in the last 3 years - this will help you work out if there is a reasonable chance of your child qualifying for a place.
  • Information about applying under specific admission criteria (such as your child being previously looked after). It is really important to ensure you submit all supporting evidence by the deadline to show you meet any such criteria.

You need to make an application to the local authority asking for a place at our school. The deadline to do this is Monday 15th Janaury 2024. You do this online at the above link.  If you don’t send the application to the local authority, you won’t have made a valid application for a place at our school. In addition to applying online it is important when applying to St.Patrick's, that you complete our school SIF form and return it to school. A copy of our SIF form can be downloaded here.

You can also watch the Leeds City Council school admissions video for more information. 

We have arranged 2 tours for prospective parents to come and view our wonderful school. I strongly urge all parents to visit and meet with the staff before making an application. Please note these tours are for adults only. Contact the school office or 0113 2480380 to book a place. 
Tuesday 14th November 9.30-10.30am
Tuesday 21st November 1.30-2.30pm
  Please click the Admissions tab to find the admissions policy 24-25 and a copy of the SIF form for this year, as well as the map of our defined catchment area. 
   Successful families will be informed via the LEA on 17th April 2024. If succcessful you should then contact school to confirm acceptance of your child's place. The school will also contact all parents directly after this date with further information regarding admissions and our welcome meeting for parents.