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We believe that all pupils can achieve and master maths to the highest levels. At St.Patrick’s we teach mathematics following the mastery approach. Mastering maths means pupils acquiring a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding of the subject. The phrase ‘teaching for mastery’ describes the elements of classroom practice and school organisation that combine to give pupils the best chances of mastering the maths curriculum. Achieving mastery means acquiring a solid enough understanding of the maths that’s been taught to enable pupils to move on to more advanced material.

Maths Policy 2023-24.pdf

Long Term Plans

Reception - Updated WR resources September 2023 

Reception - Autumn term


The plans are Version 3.0 of the White Rose Schemes of Learning- Updated June 2022. Progression has been made even clearer, including more direct revisiting of previous years’ work to close gaps caused by the pandemic and to align even more closer with the DFE’s ready-to-progress


Calculation Policy 

Addition and subtraction calculation policy.pdf

Multiplication and Division calculation policy.pdf

It is important that we have a consistent approach to calculating for all four operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Our calculation policy is produced by the White Rose. It begins with the models, images and resources that can be used to introduce each operation. At St.Patrick's we use a variety of these models. As a child progresses through school it is important that they have a consistent approach to recording their calculation so that they feel confident and to ensure that they have a deep conceptual understanding of each operation.

We know that supporting calculating at home can be a concern for parents and that is why we will be putting a selection of short videos here that will show you how we record calculations in KS2.   


Resources to support Maths learning at home 

Extra practise at home of key number concepts will help embed number facts. Children need to have instant recall of number facts. Please ensure you check your child's Google Classroom page regularly. Staff share homework and White Rose videos that support learning at home on this platform. The resources below will help children to remember this information and have mastery over the Maths curriculum. - KS2 Times tables practise - Login needed - All children have a login - KS1 and good for consolidation of number facts in KS2 - Login needed - All children have   a login