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Pupil Voice

We value pupil voice at St.Patrick's. This means a whole-school commitment to listening to the views, wishes and experiences of all the children in our care. We place high value on what our pupils tell school staff and governors about their experiences.

In October 2023 all pupils in KS2 school completed a questionnaire about school life. The children told us in a high percentage, that they enjoy coming to school each day and that they feel safe in school and when they play.  They know who to talk to if they have any worries or concerns and they value the support and care of the adults who work at St.Patrick's. The responses show that bullying is not a common problem at St.Patrick's, but if it did happen to them they feel it would be dealt with quickly. They told us they learn a lot in lessons and can discuss a whole range of subjects they enjoy; they love going on school trips!

The children were able to suggest improvements to school life in the questionnaires and they do this through the school council as well. The school council are very proactive in school life. Members of the council know it is safe and that it is important for them to express their views on what happens in school. They need to know that what they say is valued and will be listened to and considered. Mrs Grady - Headteacher attends all school council meetings. 

in 22-23 and in the autumn term so far the School Council have led on anti-bullying resources, planning Mission week activities, climate change resources, Black history month presentations, improvements to school grounds and play provision, lunch and after-school clubs offer, reporting to governors. In 22-23 school council were invited by the Lord Mayor to attend Leeds Civic hall and to sit in the council chambers. We will be making this an annual visit for the school council. 

Leeds Children's Mayor - For the past 2 years we have entered a Y5 pupil's manifesto. Shanelle in 22-23 was one of 8 finalists. We were extremely proud of her ideas to improve mental health services for young people across Leeds. We enjoyed visiting local school and canvassing support for her campaign. 

February 2024 - Children from St.Patrick's were invited to represent young people from the area of Leeds 9 at the Inner-East Youth Summit. They met with local councillors and voiced their opinions. This is now an annual event in our school calendar.