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The intent of our computing curriculum at St Patrick’s aims to:

  • Meet the requirements of the National Curriculum computing programme by covering each strand of computing: computer science, digital literacy and information technology.
  • Instil a sense of enjoyment around using technology and develop children’s appreciation of its capabilities and the opportunities it offers to create, manage, organise, and collaborate.
  • Develop resilience, problem-solving and critical thinking skills through computational thinking which children can apply across the entire curriculum.
  • Allow curiosity through the tinkering of software and programs which will develop children’s confidence when encountering new technology; a vital skill in the ever evolving and changing technological landscape.
  • Promote awareness of computing technology in the real world and future careers within this sector.
  • Develop responsible online citizens that safely use technology in a healthy and appropriate way.
  • To ensure children are digitally competent and equip them with life-long transferable skills for the future workplace.
  • Use computing as a tool to enhance learning throughout the curriculum.
  • Monitor and adapt the curriculum to respond to new developments in technology.

Computing Policy 23-24

Computing long term plan 23-24

Computing Progression of skills 23-24


Resources to help support learning at home in the subject of Computing

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