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    Northern Ballet Rise Project

    4 November 2019 (by Claire Grady (c.grady))

    Northern Ballet will begin working with Y5 in school tomorrow and we are all very excited to be part of the project, which will culminate in a performance by the children and a visit to the theatre. We have been chosen to be a research school and because of this parents are required to complete a consent form, allowing your child to take part in the research. It is important that research takes place to assess the impact of the project, as this will determine how the project is delivered to children in the future.

    The researcher Louise McDowall from Leeds University will be in school on Wednesday 6th November 3pm -4pm to answer any questions you may have regarding the research element of the project.The forms will be coming home tonight. Please take the time to read the forms, complete them and return to school no later than 8/11/19. If you decide you do not want your child to take part in the research then it will not affect their participation in the dance project. They will take part in the sessions as planned.