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    It's Culture Day tomorrow!

    28 June 2023 (by Claire Grady (c.grady))

    Hooray! The weather is looking fine tomorrow and we are ready to celebrate who we are and where we are from. Children can come dressed in traditional dress or in the colours of their flag tomorrow. We are asking for a donation of a bottle. This will be for the bottle stall after school and can be alcohol. Please make sure it is in date and has not been opened. 

    Hopefully, you have all purchased your picnic spot - £2 per family. Last chance to get one tomorrow morning. At the end of the day please collect your child/ren from the playground as normal. Your child will escort you into school so that you can view their art work from Arts week. It is displayed on the boards outside classrooms and in the hall. 

    Following this, make your way up to the school field where staff have a list of everyone who is coming. Find a suitable space on the field for you and your family to enjoy your picnic. You must bring everything you need - rug, food and soft drinks. The only access to school during the event will be to use the toilet. The event finishes at 5.30pm. 

    We will have food stalls on the field where you can purchase a sample of food from around the world - £1 per portion

    A bottle stall and a refreshments stand will also be on the field for you to 'have a go' or buy sweets/lollies from. 

    A big thank you to everyone who is helping bring this event to life! 

    Mrs Grady