St Patrick's Catholic Primary School

Home School Agreement



We believe that parents are the first and foremost educators of their children. The Home-School Agreement is a statement which specifies:

a) the school’s aims and values
b) the school’s educational responsibilities (what it will provide)
c) parental responsibilities (what you are expected to do to help)
d) our school’s expectations of its pupils.


In addition to the Agreement, it is a legal requirement that the governing body takes all reasonable steps to ensure that all the parents of pupils who have been admitted to the school:

a) take note of the school’s aims and values
b) take note of the school’s responsibilities
c) acknowledge their responsibilities as parents
d) acknowledge the school’s expectation of the pupils’ conduct.

The St. Patrick’s Home-School Agreement is a three way partnership between parents, school and children. The Agreement will be presented and signed by the school and parents early in the autumn term. Where appropriate pupils may also be invited to sign.